Palladium $2,339.75
Platinum $896.35
Rhodium $13,400.00
Silver $24.29
Copper $3.00
  • TSX.V MXR 0.325 -0.035
  • TSX VOL 246,839

    • Fathom Geophysics technical study in collaboration with one of the world's leading copper producers
    • Geochemical and metallurgical research programs conducted by AGH who bring their extensive knowledge of the world renowned Kupferschiefer
    • Ongoing structural analysis by Ingeniería Geológica Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    • Large scale exploration target with highlight copper values of 24.8% and 230 g/t silver
    • Early interest from Major Miners
    • Field expansion activities underway

    About Us

    Max Resource Corp. (TSXV: MXR) is a Canadian publicly listed mineral exploration company and with its successful exploration and management team is advancing its CESAR stratabound Kupferschiefer type copper-silver project in Colombia, that has potential for the discovery of copper and silver deposits on a regional scale.

    CESAR's geological model is based on KGHM's Kupferschiefer, Europe's largest copper mine, with production in 2018 of 30 million tonnes grading 1.49% copper and 48.6 g/t silver from a mineralized zone of 0.5 to 5.5-metre thickness. The Kupferschier deposit is also the world’s leading silver producer yielding 40 million ounces in 2019, almost twice the production of the world’s second largest silver mine (World Silver Survey 2020). Max cautions investors use of the Kupferschiefer as a geological model is not necessary indicative of mineralization at CESAR.

    EBAY Palladium is located 30-km SE of Matagami in the Abitibi Region of Quebec, Canada. It is underlain by the Archean Bell River Complex, a layered mafic intrusion measuring 65-km by 15-km and 5-km thick.

    CHOCO is located 120-km SW of Medellin, Colombia within a historic platinum-gold mining belt.

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    Copper Symbol Silver Symbol

    AM North forms an 11-km mineralized zone with two sampled mineralized, Herradura and Ventana. The Herradura stratabound copper-silver mineralization is open in all directions along its 2-km of strike, and its 3-km of dip expressed in erosional windows along the valleys. To the south along the same mineralized trend lies the newly discovered Ventana copper-silver mineralization. Ventana has been mapped and sampled over an area 3-km by 1.5-km and is open in all directions.

    • Outcrop rock chip assays above 10% copper and above 79g/t silver
    • 34.4% copper + 305 g/t silver across 0.5-metre of continuous outcrop
    • 24.8% copper + 230 g/t silver over 4-metre by 1-metre open
    • 16.0% copper + 146 g/t silver over 4-metre by 1-metre open
    • 14.2% copper + 215 g/t silver over 0.6-metre open
    • 13.5% copper + 95 g/t silver over 0.8-metre open
    • 12.1% copper + 89 g/t silver over 1.0-metre open
    • 10.4% copper + 88 g/t silver over 1.0-metre open
    • 10.5% copper + 79 g/t silver bulk sample

    AM South zone occurs 40-km SSW of the AM North zone within the same Kupferschiefer style mineralized trend. The AM South zone extends over an area of 4-kilometres by 3-kilometres and remains opens laterally. The cumulative strike length of the open-ended AM South horizons exceeds 5.8-kilometres, returning highlight values of 5.8% copper and 80 g/t silver from 0.1 to 25-metre intervals, suggesting these horizons could be of significant size.

    Exploration activity is on multiple fronts:

    • Fathom Geophysics technical study in collaboration with one of the world's leading copper producers is focusing on mapping stratigraphic features, identifying distinct rock types and alteration-zones
    • Geochemical and metallurgical research programs by the University of Science and Technology of Krakow, who bring extensive knowledge of KGHM’s world renowned Kupferschiefer sediment-hosted copper-silver deposits in Poland
    • Ongoing structural analysis conducted by the Ingeniería Geológica Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellín
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    Palladium Symbol Platinum Symbol Rhodium Symbol

    EBAY Palladium drilling intersected 1.90 g/t palladium-platinum over 3.0m from 80.5m to 83.5m. Further drilling discovered a new zone with 600m of strike, 120m deep, 6.7m to 31.1m wide, open in all directions, and highlight values of 2.52 g/t palladium-platinum. A subsequent aero-magnetic survey extended the target zone to 4.8-km of strike. Max is conducting target generation.

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    Platinum Symbol Gold Symbol

    CHOCO is located 120-km SW of Medellin, Colombia and lies within a district with historical production of 1.0Mozs of platinum and 1.5Mozs of gold (1906-1990) by Choco Pacific Mining. In addition, recent field work in 2019 by Max resulted in concentrate values of 114 g/t platinum and 341 g/t gold (refer to news release April 16, 2019).

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    Exploration activities on multiple fronts continue to meet with success as we move closer to demonstrating the significant potential of the CESAR project. Our exploration strategy from the outset was to attract a major partner with the financial and technical capabilities to fully explore and develop CESAR on a district scale. To have major interest at this early stage reflects the technical merit of the CESAR copper-silver project.

    - Brett Matich, Max Resource Corp. CEO